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LiveOcean birthday donations!

Hello friends & family! It's not only the 1st day of summer here in Aotearoa, but it's also the start of my birthday season! A couple of weeks ago I shared the LiveOcean page with you and asked you to give it a like. And heaps of you did! Thank you for that. Now, brazen girl that I am, I'm asking you to make a donation to the cause for my birthday.

My mates Pete & Blair are like us -- sailors, divers, surfers -- and they are pouring their love of the sea into this mission. Their first project is saving the Antipodean albatross.

For those of you who followed along on our voyage, you might remember that on our passage from Pitcairn to Auckland we saw only 3 things: blue blueness bluing bluefully, plastic in the sea, and one of these incredible birds. It was such a special experience... it flew with us for a while and we were mesmerized. It gave us hope! The possibility of losing the Antipodean albatross leaves me sad in my heart. Please do what you can to help. The link to donate is in the comments section. Kiwi mates, you can donate directly via your bank.

Here is information on the project:

To donate, go to:

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