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Sustainable Voyaging

What does sustainable voyaging mean? Well, it means we like to live our life in a way that is ecologically balanced, in support of our environment and the sea. Here are a few of the ways we have simplified our life and made changes that are in alignment with our mission statement. Ask us how we can help you lower your ecological footprint!

Our solar array and wind generator, crea

Solar panels and wind generator.

Sustainable energy

Sailing is one of the most sustainable modes of transportation you can possibly use! A bit of adjustment of the sails and you're on your way. We also use an array of solar panels and a wind generator to power the Ardea. Our batteries stay topped up nicely, hence there is rarely a need to use the engine/alternator. We have also changed all of our lighting aboard to LED, for considerable energy savings.


Plastic-free & low waste living.

Plastic-free, low waste.

As you've likely surmised by our attention to plastic-free seas, we walk our talk. (Our oceans depend on it!) We bring as little waste on board as possible, by shopping at zero waste stores and bringing our own bags/containers for nearly all of our shopping needs (including our butcher, fish shop, and for takeaways). We only buy recycled, unbleached paper products. We recycle everything we can and compost as well, so our rubbish bin is wee (4L) and it takes a couple of weeks to fill it.

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How we live our life.

Lifestyle choices

We tend to buy used whenever possible. Op (thrift) shops are our favorite.
We use public transportation (Auckland has an impressive system of buses, ferries, and trains) and have a fuel efficient car.

We regularly do beach cleanups and participate in community sustainability projects/events.

We eat simply, and keep our carbon footprint as small as possible by choosing local produce and avoiding beef & dairy.

We take every opportunity to educate others on our travels (and we can share in several languages).

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