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Companies making a difference for our seas

Support these companies. There is a lot less plastic in the sea due directly to their efforts! What other companies should be on this list? Please let us know!

Patagonia was the first company to make clothing out of recycled bottles (since 1993). They exemplify environmental stewardship.

Adidas now makes running shoes out of reclaimed ocean plastic. Great to wear while plogging!

ByFusion makes building blocks from recycled plastic. The future of home building.

Eco domum makes building panels from recycled plastic and builds affordable housing in Mexico.

Musto makes high performance sailing gear. They were the first company to sign the UN Environment CleanSeas pledge.

Bureo makes skateboards from reclaimed fishing nets gathered from the coast of Chile.

REPREVE is a company that makes performance fibers from recycled plastic bottles. The link takes you to a list of companies that use their materials.

ecoBirdy makes children's furniture from recycled plastic while promoting sustainable practices to children.

EcoCollective offers a great selection of alternatives to single use plastics.

Lillybee Wrap offers a sweet, all natural, reusable, alternative to plastic wrap.

Kathmandu is an outdoor adventure company with a strong commitment to sustainability, recycling and upcycling massive amounts of plastic!

Oh Natural is a natural products shop in New Zealand. It has everything you need for a plastic-free household.

Cora Ball catches microfibers when you do your wash and keeps them out of the sea.

the source offers a great way to shop without plastic packaging. Bring your own re-usable containers and change the way you shop. More shops opening in NZ soon!

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