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...And where are we going?

2018-2021: Auckland, New Zealand

We are in Auckland, NZ for the next three years. We are working and racing sailboats and gearing up for the next phase. There are so many opportunities for voyaging and exploring here in New Zealand! The Hauraki Gulf has a plethora of interesting islands with endemic plants, animals, and birds, along with hikes and great snorkeling & diving. Bay of Islands, South Island... it's all a big beautiful playground! Want to come visit? We have heaps of cool stuff for you to enjoy. Volcanoes, bubbly mud and hot springs, gorgeous beaches, spectacular vistas, local snacks and lingo, hikes and walks and museums, Maori cultural experiences, the very best sailing, and even a leopard seal!

We are excited to be part of the America's Cup festivities in 2021. We will be on the on-the-scene reporters for 48North magazine.

A bit about our travels: 2016-2017

After an amazing voyage from Seattle to Juneau, Alaska, south through Central America and out to the Galapagos Islands,  we are on to the next part of our adventure! Scroll down for more...

Our travels took us down the west coast of the US. We left from Neah Bay, WA and sailed offhsore to San Francisco, CA. From San Francisco we skipped down the coast of California. Half Moon Bay, Santa Cruz, Monterey, Big Sur. Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo, Los Angeles, La Jolla and San Diego! This trip was marked by stunning rugged coastlines, incredible scenery, whales, dolphins, porpoises, seals, otters, sea lions and a plethora of birds. This the last of the United States for a while.

Mexico: Baja, Sea of Cortez, & Isla Isabel

Our first stop in Mexico was the the town of Ensenada. First Customs, second, a tortilleria! We caught our tuna and dorado on our way down the coast. We made our way down Baja, stopping to explore every bay and village on the way down. We sailed over to mainland Mexico. A highlight in this part of Mexico was Isla Isabel – often referred to as the “Galapagos of Mexico”. We saw an array of seabirds, marine iguanas, and all of our favorite cetaceans.

Mexico: Tenacatita & Barra de Navidad

From there, we sailed to Puerta Vallarta. Past that we explored a favorite area – Tenacatita, an incredible beach with beautiful snorkeling opportunities, Melaque, a small town on the opposite end of the bay from Barra de Navidad. These towns offer a taste of Mexico off the beaten path of tourism. Also, amazing beaches, a quiet lagoon, great fishing, and even a nice surf break! We explored the fine art of the siesta, interspersed with hiking, swimming, snorkeling, and surfing.

From Central America to the South Pacific

We thoroughly enjoyed our exploration of the coast of Mexico (and Isla Isabel), down to Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica... and the GALAPAGOS. We then set sail for Rapa Nui, Chile. The part of the journey was relentlessly exciting!

The Bigger Picture:

Our general plan began in the PNW in June of 2016. We cruised through British Columbia and Alaska during the summer and headed down to San Francisco in September. We made our way down the coast and into Mexico in November. We explored many great places in Mexico, including Isla Isabel (the Galapagos of Mexico), and Barra de Navidad, one of our favorite places. We enjoyed a little land adventure through Central America. Cruising Costa Rica was incredible. We left from Costa Rica for the Galapagos Islands, but the breeze blew us away from Malpelo Island. From the Galapagos traveled to Rapa Nui (Easter Island), Chile, followed by the Pitcairn Islands (Henderson Island, of course!), and then on to New Zealand. We will take a brief hiatus and then tour the islands of the South Pacific (outside of cyclone season). We haven't come up with our next move beyond that! We are quite excited and are open to meeting up in any of these areas along these timelines to create a specific itinerary!

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