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Plastic Free Seas

From the northern waters of Alaska to the world's most remote islands in the South Pacific, we've seen plastic in the sea and on the beaches. It is one thing to read articles about the plastic problem, and quite another to witness the heartbreaking reality of fluffy juvenile (endangered) sea birds nesting in plastic rubbish on an island that few people will ever visit. In keeping with our mission statement, we are absolutely committed to minimizing the use of plastic aboard Ardea. We admit, it's not always easy. We simply must do everything we can to reduce our reliance on single-use plastic. All of us, together. Please consider making some changes in your lifestyle today.


                              What you do matters.

How many fluffy baby birds can you spot nesting in this pile of plastic rubbish on Ducie Atoll?

What you can do to help:

Here are some ideas for how you can reduce the amount of plastic you consume. Replace these commonly used plastic items for everyday use. The more items you replace, the fewer single-use plastics end up in the sea (or landfills).

Plastic shopping bags

This one's easy. Nearly every supermarket chain offers reusable bags.

Water bottles

We use Oasis brand stainless double-walled water bottles. Heaps of good ones on the market.

Coffee/Takeaway cups

We use Ozark Trail brand stainless double-walled tumblers. Stays at temperature for hours.


There are many alternatives to plastic. Paper, bamboo, stainless, glass. We use stainless and paper.


Cutlery sets in stainless or bamboo are available with handy carrying cases. We use stainless.

Takeaway containers

Many restaurants will fill your containers brought from home. We use glass with snap lids.


Bamboo is the way to go. We are using Sprmal brand.


We use Viva Doria brand (it comes in a recyclable glass jar).

Disposable razors

We use Merkur traditional double edge safety razors.

Soap and shampoo bottles

Use a bar! Did you know that you can get shampoo in bar form? Try Dulse & Rugosa (Maine Island Botanicals).

Scrubs containing microbeads

Great products out of the UK since they were banned there. This isn't something we use.

Coffee pods/K-cups

Reusable cups are available!

Plastic wrap/sandwich bags

Try LilyBee wrap - it's a great, reusable alternative. Or try Natural Value waxed paper rolls and sandwich bags.

A note to Seattle folks, check out EcoCollective to find many of these products (this shop is owned by a Seattle sailor). New Zealanders can shop at Oh Natural for alternatives to plastic.



Other great habits:

Buy food with minimal packaging. Buy in bulk when possible.

Pick up rubbish from the street or roadside. Especially plastic.

Beach cleanup: Choose a beach and make a commitment to go once a week (or month). Bring friends, make it a social event.

When on the water, pick up balloons, bottles, and other debris.

Start PLOGGING! It's a combination of jogging and picking up litter. Why not add some squatting and stretching to your run while doing something awesome for the sea??

Sailors, run clean regattas. Click here for ideas.

Check out the drop down menu on the Plastic Free Seas tab above for more!

Talk to people about the changes you have made and 

           share how easy it is to make a difference!

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