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Our first blog!

It took very little time to sort out the topic for our inaugural ramblings... gratitude. The past couple of years has been a whirlwind of projects and checking things off of endless lists. An undertaking of this magnitude would not have been possible without the contribution of an incredible community. Each of the following people contributed to the Ardea and the inception of Callaloo Blue in some significant way. A massive shout out and heaps of thanks goes to: Isabel & Denali, Tom & Patty Henderson, Christopher & Pamela Rogalin, Judy & Larry Walker, Kris & Kim, Erik Henderson, Ben & Jenn Braden, Geoff & Sarah Raymoure, Nate, Wanda, & Dieter Creitz, ChrisP & G$, Michelle Blackmer & Phil Nieman, Kirk Utter, Bron Miller, Paul Walchenbach, Erik Soper, David Brink, Mike Mannelly, Carl Sutter, Chris Tutmark, Ian Sloan, Alex Simanis, Colin Dunphy, Carl Buchan, Pete Dorsey, Brian Watkins, Shawn Clark, Brad Cole, Tom Savelle, Ray McCormack, Lance Staughton, Aaron Bronson, Paul & Suzette, Hans Reinhardt, Nigel Calder, Hal Lewis Peterson, Ev Goussev, Bryn Bachman, Sarah Drues, Mats Elf, Rob Bopo Alexander, Lauren Buchholz, everyone at Fisheries Supply, everyone at CSR Marine, North Sails, Henderson Boat Company, Dockside Solutions, SheSails Seattle, Mach 2 Arts and Fabrication, Carrie Selting Ceramics, the D squad (Kristen & Ned, Jason & Jenn, Robbie, Dan, Barbara, Michael & Sam, Mark (Aberle & Brink), Trey, Keith, Jon, and Damien), Darren & Linda Howell, Lisa Cole, Meggan Houlihan, and our CYC community. We likely have missed someone here... but you know who you are, and we thank you, sincerely!

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