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Salty Pajamas

We made it to Desolation Sound (land of the stern tie anchoring). We found Isabel Bay on the charts and had to go check it out because of our daughter's namesake. The guidebook said there are a couple of spots in the deep water bay for one or two boats. When we entered the bay, there was a boat in each of the spots, but I figured we could anchor in the entrance to one of the nooks and run a line to shore. We dropped the anchor in about 60 feet of water and I rowed a stern line ashore and tied it to a tree. When we got everything adjusted, we were very close to the rock wall, but it looked okay for the very peaceful, calm evening. Isabel Bay is beautiful! We set the crab pots and went to sleep.

About 05:30 am we awoke to a noise! Oh no! The South Easterly breeze had kicked up and was pushing us onto the rock wall. Springing to action, I pulled up some of the anchor rode with the windlass and then fired up the engine, while Michele untied the stern line (which luckily I had looped around the tree and tied off back at the boat). We were off the rocks! Phew! I pulled up the anchor as the wind was building. Now what about the crab pots? Michele took the helm and I got in the dinghy and rowed to retrieve the crab pots, which I had set way across the bay in the only other shallow area. I got them pulled up while Michele navigated back out of the bay, and we reconvened outside the bay in Lancelot Channel.

All was okay. Now I have salty pajamas. We started a page in our log book titled "Things we have learned..."

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