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Trees, Trees, Water. Bird Flew By.

A couple of years ago we were talking to our friend Marti about our BC/Alaska cruising plans. She had done some cruising up here, and to our query about the experience she replied, “Trees, trees, water.”

This has been a phrase we have used since, when either of us has been profoundly impressed by the beauty of our surroundings while cruising.

Our friend Dave recently told us a story, having had the sublime experience of observing a crow flying back and forth across a bay in complete stillness. Utterly incapable of capturing the experience in any words that would fully convey the loveliness of the sound of its wings and the magic of the moment, he simply recorded, “Bird flew by.”

This past week we spent a couple of days in Princess Louisa Inlet, British Columbia, Canada. We arrived precisely at the slack high tide and entered the rapids, only to immediately be awestruck by the spectacle. No photos could ever completely capture the splendor of the fjords towering above. No words could adequately express the magnificence of this truly incredible place. When we were able to speak again, the only thing we could really say was, “Trees, trees, water” and “Bird flew by.”

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