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Menu Aboard

Environmental sustainability is a cause very close to our hearts on Ardea. We have a great affinity with nature and take our personal stewardship of the ocean very seriously.  While we rely heavily on the abundance of the sea and fresh local fruits and vegetables in the preparation of our food, we take only what we need, ensuring minimal impact to our surroundings.   You can count on scrumptious delights freshly prepared daily from our galley.  We are able to accommodate any food sensitivities, please let us know what you require and we're happy to work our menu around your tastes.

Fresh, local ingredients

Meandering through the local markets to find the freshest, tastiest, and most beautiful produce is a delightful part of our day. Combining these ingredients with the catch of the day, mingled with the spices of whatever country we are visiting, yields scrumptious fare!

Homemade in our galley

The on board kitchen, called the galley, is well equipped. While Jon is a classically trained chef, Michele has a knack for throwing together a bit of this and a bit of that, both producing delectable results!

Healthy and delicious

Using the best ingredients, prepared by hand, we are able to create entirely delicious food that also happens to be really good for you.

Scrumptious smoothies

Yum. That is really all there is to say about this. The best local fruit, blended to perfection.

Tasty treats too

What are your thoughts on chocolate? Michele is gifted in the ways of "the food of the gods". These treats vary with local flare - and yes, you can have seconds!

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