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Life on a Sail Boat

What to expect

Relax! You may be as involved or uninvolved in the processes on the sailboat as you like. Want to sail? Great! Fish? Awesome! Want to sit on the foredeck and read books? As you wish. We are pretty laid back and open to facilitating whatever experience you want to have. We will tailor your week with us to fit what you have in mind.


Water:  Though we have a watermaker onboard, we are very conservative with fresh water use. We'll walk you through how we do it. You'll be an expert in no time!

Power: We use solar & wind power to charge our batteries, which, in turn, power everything on the boat. If you are bringing along something that needs charging, it would be optimal to bring a 12V charger with you. While we do have an inverter, which allows standard plugs, it's cumbersome to use.

Communication: We have satellite texting and email capabilities aboard the Ardea. You may use these to communicate with loved ones or in urgent circumstances. Hopefully your time with us will serve as an opportunity to 'unplug' for a week!

Safety:  There will be a safety briefing when you arrive on board and written materials will be provided. No matter the activity, your safety is important to us, and we will do our level best in that regard.

Space:  While the Ardea can feel quite spacious, storage is at a minimum. So you may be wondering...

What to bring:  Very little!  Please pack your belongings in a soft sided bag and do your best to bring only the essentials.  For example, in tropical areas you might bring a swim suit, sun protection (long sleeved shirt/reef-friendly sunscreen), sarong/shorts, flip flops, deck shoes, a pair of long pants and a light windbreaker/waterproof jacket. Really, thats all you need!

General fitness: While one does not need to be at peak physical fitness to be a voyager, there is a basic level that is necessary for day to day life on a sailboat. Going up and down a ladder, the ability to stay balanced (your 'sea legs'), and the ability to grab onto the nearest hand-hold to navigate the boat are necessary.

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