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Activities, aboard and ashore

Life aboard a sailboat offers a myriad of possibilities for adventure. We offer a variety of options for how to fill your time with us. We are open to doing a whole lot, every minute... and we are also adept at just hanging out and being. These are the activities that make up our life, and yours for your vacation. We want to make your stay utterly splendid - whatever that means to YOU.


Whether you're an old salt or an armchair sailor who has always wanted to learn, you will enjoy sailing the Ardea. We would be delighted to teach you the sailing basics, let you take the helm,  or have you sit back and enjoy the ride. Let us know what suits you!

Swimming, snorkeling, and SCUBA.

The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever. ~ Jacques Yves Cousteau. Come explore the "Silent World" with us. Whether you want to splash about, simply don snorkeling gear and observe the beauty of the sea from the surface, or delve beneath the water for a closer look at the sea life below, we would like to facilitate your experience.



From salmon, halibut, rockfish, and crab in the PNW to tuna and dorado offshore in Central America, we have a fishing adventure waiting for you! Ever capture a lionfish or pluck a spiny lobster from the bottom of the sea? Join us in the Carribean!

Naturalist tours

Allow us to share the magnificence of the local wildlife. We offer in, on, and around the water adventures in birding, whale watching, reef exploration, and more! As avid outdoor enthusiasts, we love to point out geological features, tidal peculiarities, local biodiversity, and all creatures, great and small.

Loitering aimlessly

Sunshine and sea breezes set the perfect backdrop for some solid aimless loitering. Supervise the tide, watch the birds, work on your tan -- doing nothing takes practice. And practice makes perfect. For the slightly more motivated aimless loiterer, we have a selection of novels and interesting reading materials if you'd like to learn something new.


Grab the onboard paddleboards and set out for a tour of the surrounding waters. Never been on a paddleboard before? Try our boards! They are quite stable and perfect for learning, and we can provide helpful hints for your paddleboarding success.


Explore the local flora and fauna with a hiking adventure. Ask us about what options are available for where you are joining us.

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