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The Bubble

I often used to mock the sailboats with the fully enclosed cockpit / dodger. How could you feel the wind and experience the fresh ocean air? I even took the dodger completely off of my old boat and sailed that way for over a year. The Ardea came with full bimini top and clear vinyl windows that can be zipped on and off, which we have named “The Bubble”.

Part way through our trip up the inside passage of British Columbia to Alaska, I changed my mind. We were motoring along in the pouring rain when we passed some other cruisers. They were standing in the cockpit in full foul weather gear "experiencing the fresh ocean air" as I waved to them. I realized that I was standing in “The Bubble” wearing shorts and a T

shirt, eating my warm delicious lunch out of a ceramic china bowl. I now know the true appreciation! Ode to “The Bubble”!

Warm in the bubble in (the freezing!) Tracy Arm.

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